Fitness Kickboxing

TopKick Fitness Kickboxing (TKfit) is not currently offered at our Broadlands location. Contact us and let us know you're interested, and we'll connect you with the nearest TKfit program.

  • Goal Setting

    Create your goal...what will you achieve? Watch others who have achieved (and far surpassed) their initial goals.

  • Knowledge

    Learn what wellness and fitness really are. Discover the uniqueness of your body...what works and what does not.

  • Motivation

    Find your desire to change and discover motivation among like minded peers. Work to be the motivation for others.

  • Effort

    Do the work and get the results. We'll do our work by supplying a phenomenal environment to keep you working.

  • Support

    Thrive in a positive supportive community that has your interests and your goals in mind. Become a part of the group support that makes TKfit special.

  • The Workout

    Our proven workouts burn fat and create strength. Our workouts are diverse, challenging and fun. Most importantly our workouts get results.

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